Monday, February 22, 2010

sometimes i love you so much i hate you......


i could never hate you

but i could hate how much i love you.

i ask god everyday

when will i meet that guy that will sweep me off me feet

and make me forget your existance.

but the question is how can someone compeat with perfection.

eveyone has there flaws but your flaws are beutiful.

mind body and soul i would not change anything about you.

but in this situation im hopeless .

hoplessly in love with the wrong person.

the man who unwillingly holds my heart

the man who will never see the house

the kids the white picket fence in the future

well at least not our future

and im force to except this reality.

so i take what i can get.

the 20 or 30 min of that high i get off of u which makes me feel

like I'm dancing on cloud 9 and I'm two steps away from heaven

but right before i touch those golden gates

I'm awake again .

right back to reality and I'm alone .

i may have seem to move on

but i never recovered all the pieces of my heart.

and as much as i date

at the end of day it all comes back to you.

all of it is me trying to get over you

and at the end of the day none of them amount to you but.........

who can compete with perfection???

I dread the day you get a girlfriend.

because i don't even know if id be able to fake a smile.

to me no women will be good enough for you

but the only thing that will go through my head is me wishing

maybe if had half i what she had to offer

you would look at me that way.

and i hope when that day comes I'm a least 100 miles away because

its gonna hurt to much.

i wish i could tell you how i felt but i been down that road.

I'm the one who's stuck with the pain not you .

i try so hard to forget . and i never want to feel that way again.

so i keep it to myself .

but how i give up on someone so perfect .

someone who could motivate me to be the women i need to be .

somone i can confide in

someone who is my

best friend



Thursday, January 21, 2010

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